Internet as the engine of information and dissemination of scientific knowledge towards a "digital convergence". Effetti is protagonist of this process and interprets innovation in all forms of communication offering customized solutions, exploiting all the advantages of new technologies with a view to e-detailing and all mobile devices usability: functional and dynamic web platforms, CLM, web-app, e-publishing, e-learning, digital marketing company... and more


Effetti Publisher ensures an extensive know-how and experience in the field of medical communication: scientific journals, special editions, book series, booklets, monographs published both in traditional and digital version.

Our publications are edited in collaboration with the most authoritative experts in various disciplines, can be implemented in digital version and optimized for all mobile systems (iPad, iPhone, etc.).

  • Easy access: via Internet from your PC or from all mobile systems
  • Usability: simple and intuitive interface
  • Dynamism: possibility of consulting, zoom, highlight and download documents, images bank, slide sets, multimedia
  • Quick reference: allows to quickly and easily find anything you search through keywords
  • Insights Links: rapid access to original works by direct connection to PubMed
  • No Limits!: of space and time for users

The first Italian website entirely devoted to Immunotherapy applied to the treatment of tumors

The only Italian magazine in infectious diseases.
Founded by Mauro Moroni and published by Effetti, Readfiles has reached the 20th year of publication.
Scientific director HIV: Adriano Lazzarin
Scientific director Hepatitis: Mario Rizzetto